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Client Testimonials

I am so grateful and humbled by these kind words from my clients, thank-you for sharing with me and allowing me to help you on your health journey.

"Elaine has helped and supported me during many years. Her thirst for knowledge, growth and deep enthusiasm for life has guided me through many hurdles. It feels like Elaine was put on this earth to share her innate ability and guide us through this process that is life."

TB Stockholm Sweden

"Elaine was my angel, when I was hospitalized during my pregnancy and afterwards, she has been taking care of my family and me. She's always ready to help and offer her immense wealth of knowledge.

The remedies have been a huge help for us. I recommend getting the homeopathic kit for Mum and baby."

LH Sydney Australia

"Elaine is highly intuitive and has a real knack for reading people. I was absolutely blown away by the results I saw after one consultation. I have experienced irritating hayfever symptoms for as long as I can remember, as well as allergies to pets, soaps, fragrances etc. I went from taking antihistamines daily, to having only 1 in a month and to my surprise no longer experienced allergic reactions to pet hair, so was able to adopt a dog! On a subtler level I experienced a shift in my emotions and how I relate to people which has enhanced my overall wellbeing. Very grateful for Elaine's knowledge and this awesome modality."

LN Newcastle Australia

"Elaine Timmer is a very competent homeopath. Very good at listening to her clients, very helpful. I actually didn’t believe in homeopathy until I visited her clinic in Stockholm, Sweden. Numerous conditions, like severe rash in armpits due to shaving, sprained ankle, frozen shoulder only to mention a few Elaine Timmer has helped me with. Being a true sceptical person I was really surprised seeing my problems disappear in an instant. I highly recommend homeopath Elaine Timmer."

MB Stockholm Sweden

"Homeopathic treatment administered by Elaine at Pepper and Spoon has been for me, quite simply, life-changing. In 2013, I began experiencing pain and sickness during menstrual cycles with a subsequent diagnosis of fibroids being made. The intensity level of the pain was disabling. Additionally, I was unable to hold down water or food for several hours on day three and four of my cycle. In short, this had a profoundly detrimental effect on the quality of my life. For a period of 7 years, the aforementioned monthly experiences impacted both my physical, emotional and mental health as I continued to spend considerable time, energy and money on various treatments for my symptoms but to no avail. A recent conversation with Elaine about my menstrual cycles changed my life for the better.


Elaine is professional, amiable and exceptionally knowledgeable in her field of holistic health.  Her attentiveness, warmth, genuine desire to help and generosity of time assisted me in pin-pointing the right  solution. Based on the symptoms that I presented with, Elaine suggested a homeopathic remedy that she felt would address the issue. Upon experiencing the onset of symptoms (day 3 of cycle), I took the remedy as per Elaines’ advice. To my astonishment, the symptoms subsided within 10 minutes. The same pattern occurred on day 4 of the cycle. For the first time in 7 years, I experienced a pain/ sickness-free menstrual cycle.


In Elaine, I have found a trusted homeopath who I will consult for all aspects of my health and well-being in future.

I would like to say a huge thank you to her for supporting me in finding the answer that had eluded me for many years.

In gratitude."

TJ Salmon, Sydney Australia

"Elaine prescribed some homeopathic remedies for me which proved to be an integral part of my recovery from postnatal depression. 

I am happy to say that I have now recovered well and my situation and outlook continue to improve day by day. 


Elaine went through an incredibly in-depth process of finding out what would suit me best. So once we had completed the process I had this stock of natural vitamins as well as around three homeopathic remedies. I experienced an instant sense of relief that hope was on its way. I felt empowered to have taken stock of what I was putting in my body and this led to improving my nutrition and water intake. 

Within weeks I was starting to feel very different, more empowered and resourceful about my own recovery. I have taken many many small steps since the first conversations with Elaine. All of them have been identifying specific types of emotional or practical support  that I have needed, or identifying another health change that I could make. 


My first conversation with Elaine was, without any doubt, pivotal. 


It is now two years since I was at the lowest point and I don't recognise the person I was at that time. I have recovered my sense of self in a huge way. My self esteem and health continue to improve day by day.


I am so glad that I took the path of natural healing starting with homeopathic remedies recommended by Elaine, through her careful, patient and thorough practice. I don't believe that I would have recovered my sense of joy and humour fully without this.  


I highly recommend her professionalism & talent. She is a godsend." 


MJ Scotland

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