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"Elaine has helped and supported me during many years. Her thirst for knowledge, growth and deep enthusiasm for life has guided me through many hurdles. It feels like Elaine was put on this earth to share her innate ability and guide us through this process that is life."

A nutritionally balanced family is a harmonious family!

Food has always been important to me, my true love - My initials are E.A.T. which is no coincidence!


Follow my Instagram feed @pepperandspoon here for inspiring yummy home cooked recipes, ideas, plant & nutritional advice. I love to talk about food - how to boost your iron levels naturally, what foods contain zinc to strengthen your immune system, which foods are high in essential fatty acids, how to eat your way to fertility, what foods are calming for the nervous system for anxious little kids and more!


I love to make tasty food with gluten free, dairy free, egg free, sugar free and vegan options. Variety and flexibility is vital in food choices ~ I’m not into dieting but I make healthy alternatives to fat sugary junk food. I love a good treat and don’t compromise on taste or quality ingredients.

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