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"I am so glad that I took the path of natural healing starting with homeopathic remedies recommended by Elaine, through her careful, patient and thorough practice.

I don't believe that I would have recovered my sense of joy and humour without this."

What is Homeopathy?

​Homoeopathy means the disease of similars. Homoeo = similar. Pathy = Disease. When we are feeling out of balance we  feel 'dis' ease. We experience symptoms physically, mentally and spiritually. Our vital force is not in harmony. This can be due to a recent acute or a long term chronic illness.


Homoeopathy helps restore your equilibrium to homoeostasis (balance). It is a system of medicine that was founded by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) who was a medical doctor and chemist. Hahnemann was intrigued by the natural law of 'like cures like' a concept originating back to ‘the father of medicine’, Hippocrates (460 - 350 BC) who wrote, “By similar things a disease is produced and through the application of the like is cured.”


Disillusioned by the medical treatments at the time (blood letting, leaching, purging and the use of mercury for syphilis), Hahnemann began experimenting with dilutions of medicines so that the curative power remained without the toxic side effects. He also developed a process called succussion where the medicine is shaken vigorously which potentises and embeds the energetic qualities of the original material within the liquid.


Hahnemann discovered that when a substance was given to a healthy person it produced symptoms similar to those shown in a sick person with the same symptom picture, and from that produced a curative effect. This is where the concept of ‘like cures like’ comes from.


Homoeopathic Provings were made where healthy people took a dose of the homoeopathic medicine and recorded the symptoms they experienced. When these were experienced by several provers, the information was recorded in the Homoeopathic Materia Medica and is still contributed to today with modern provings.


This information in the Materia Medica is used to decide which homoeopathic remedy best matches similar symptoms in an unwell person to help heal and bring them back to equilibrium.

How does Homeopathy work?

Homoeopathic remedies are derived from natural matter and made into an energetic form. This energy resonates with your specific symptoms in an unwell state. When you take the best matching remedy, it stimulates your vital force to begin healing yourself. You are giving yourself a dose or something similar to your current state.


Homoeopathic medicines contain nano particles of the original substance, which are easily absorbed under your tongue as they quickly activate your healing response. As you begin taking remedies, you strengthen your vitality gradually un-layering any current and previous health issues. As each issue comes up for attention, and is cleared the next one can arise and eventually you find yourself symptom free for longer periods of time. Of course acute episodes can occur as we go through life and stresses can bring about new conditions. Homoeopathy is used for managing these health issues so that we become more robust and less susceptible to our weaknesses.

Homeopathic remedies

​In nature there are substances that resonate similar symptoms as your 'dis'eased state and this energy is captured and specially prepared into a homoeopathic remedy. Homoeopathic remedies are derived from natural matter and are specially prepared in a potentised and highly diluted form so that only the energy of the original substance remains. This energy dynamically stimulates your vital force to start its own healing process and help you to return to your natural state of health and vitality.

Homoeopathy can help treat all of your individual symptoms with as few remedies as possible and often a single remedy is prescribed. Whether you have a chronic illness or an acute illness, homoeopathy works by helping to treat your most characteristic symptoms. You will be prescribed one remedy that matches the totality of your individual symptoms and therefore treating you as a whole.


Homoeopathic treatment can be used as a complement to other medicinal care you may be using. Homoeopathic medicines are gentle, safe and non-toxic. 

Book a Homeopathic consultation

A homoeopathic consultation is a confidential and caring space for you to discuss your health concerns. You explain your symptoms and how you are affected by stress, lifestyle, diet, and the environment you live in. 


When we are feeling out of balance we feel 'dis' ease and we experience symptoms physically, mentally and emotionally. Our vital force (chi, qi, energy) becomes out of balance and creates symptoms which are signals telling us that we are not feeling well. This can be due to a recent acute or long term chronic illness. Homoeopathy treats the individual and how you experience symptoms is entirely unique to you. 

Homoeopathy treats the whole person, mind body & soul. A Homoeopath will try to find a medicine that matches your symptoms. There can be a few medicines that may be appropriate and it can take some time to find the best match. 


The first consultation is a complete health history and for you to describe how your symptoms impact you and your life. The first consultation can take 1½ - 2 hours. You will be prescribed a homoeopathic remedy and asked to come back for a follow-up consultation within 2-3 weeks to assess how the remedy has been working.


The information you provide during the consultation is completely confidential and treated with total respect and care.

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