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Alphabet Series - A is for… Alumina

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

I will be working my way through the alphabet and picking remedies at random for each letter. You can also follow me on Instagram & Facebook to keep up to date with more homeopathic info, healthy food recipes & inspiration. The Alphabet Series I have this old wooden dispensary cabinet that I designed with hand drawn letters on the remedy drawers. Inside are ready made remedies I have used at home over the years, extra spares I don’t know where else to keep! So I’m going to do a lucky dip starting with A and work through to Z.

First up I picked out Alum which is short for Alumina which is made from Aluminium.

*Please note <means worse, >better and symptoms have been taken from traditional homeopathic Materia Medica texts.

A is for Alumina: Heaviness Numbness Staggering Sluggish Inactive Desire to lie down. Fatigue which gets worse on lying. <morning on waking. Trembling, debility. Spasms & convulsions Affects the spinal cord Paralysis Poor memory Confusion Low spirited Hurried, time goes slowly but can’t be hurried. >as the day goes on Feeling down Fear of impulses, knives, blood Craves dry coarse food, chalk, charcoal, dry rice, coffee. Indigestion <potatoes Severe constipation, very dry and inactivity. Itchy dry rough skin. Feeling of ants crawling on skin & back. Numbness and sleepiness of legs. Heavy dragging legs when walking. Particularly useful for the elderly. Where there is confusion of the mind, of their own identity and poor memory. Anxiety that they have done something wrong. Useful in dementia, and if there has been any aluminium toxicity (cooking pans, tinfoil, deodorants, pollution, medications etc) A is also for Anxiety - the mental aspects of Alumina (shared in our Homeopathy for Anxiety & Fears in Children Facebook Page - join here. This remedy feels very down, depressed and low spirited. There is a feeling of great confusion of their own identity. As if someone else had said something instead of themselves. As if someone else had seen something, not themselves. As if seeing and hearing something as another person. The self awareness is outside of their own body. There is also that feeling of numbness and walking on clouds/cushions as if they are not in their own body. A great heaviness mentally and physically. An anxiety on seeing a knife or blood and as if they would have a sudden impulse to do something but are horrified at the idea. Fear of something bad happening. Apprehensive. An anxiety with hurriedness, as if time passes too slowly but they can’t be hurried to do something at their own pace. Worse for time limits and deadlines. A huge feeling of slowness, almost drunken, staggering, paralysis. Panic starts when they physically can’t do what they need to do. Poor memory and fear of losing their mind. The child can be quiet & gentle but have violent outbursts. This is due to the impulsiveness. Low self confidence, slow and makes mistakes. They feel hurried inside but can’t keep up as everything goes slowly on the outside. Fidgety & restless in class and anxious wandering about. Difficulty with reading & writing. Can be used for constipation in babies / children where they have had artificial food or formula. Or from aluminium or lead toxicity. Want to find out which remedy is for the next letter B in the Alphabet series? If you or someone you know is looking for a natural way to support their health please visit my website below or click here to book a Free 15 min chat to find out more about how homeopathy can help.

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