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Alphabet Series - B is for... Bryonia

Continuing the Alphabet Series, this week I picked out Bryonia. Which is not surprising as I’ve used it a lot over the last few years for dry coughs. A very dry remedy, I always remember it as “Dryonia”. Very useful in inflammatory conditions, flu, body aches & pains, dry coughs & chest infections. They must lie perfectly still as motion makes them worse.

Bryonia Keynotes:

Aching in every muscle.

Stitching, tearing pains.

Worse for movement.

Better for rest.

Irritable, aversion to talking.

Wants to be alone.

Very dry mucous membranes.

Dry cracked lips, dry mouth, tongue & throat.

Sticking sharp pains in throat.

Very thirsty.

Pressive headaches ~ bursting, splitting, feeling as everything would press outwards.

Better for lying on or pressure on painful part.

Worse for moving the eyes.

Sore aching eyeballs.

Headaches with nosebleeds.

Vertigo worse from raising the head.

Dry hacking cough, worse at night ~ must sit up.

Cough with stitches in the chest & heaviness on sternum.

Worse from eating or drinking and coming into a warm room.

Soreness and hoarseness of larynx.

Digestion - pressure & feeling of stone in stomach, sensitive to touch.

Warm drinks relieve the stomach

Dry difficult hard stools in constipation.

Wants to go home.

Delusion that they are somewhere else.

Worries about business / work.

<worse 3am

Dullness of mind, cannot work.

Stressed about money & business.

Fear of poverty.

Aversion to company, as it requires talking or moving.

Weak mind, can’t focus and lose their train of thought.

Fear of thunderstorms.

Aversion to touch.

Business like, materialistic outlook, unemotional, focused on the practical things in life.

Security through money & property.

Restless anxiety, wants change, wants things they can’t have, refuses things when offered, wants to do something constantly but cannot rest. Searching for home to be taken care of properly.

Anxiety about the future that they will not find home or somewhere suitable to live that feels like home. Fear of being poor & homeless.

*All symptoms taken from traditional homeopathic materia medica texts.

Want to find out what the letter C is for in the Alphabet series?

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