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Anxiety – Calming remedies for your child

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Do you have a nervous child or teenager with anxiety? Are they timid, shy, fearful, suffering from social anxiety, intimidated by crowds, prone to panic attacks, or worried about performance and presentations?

There are many remedies to help acute anxiety attacks for children, teenagers and adults. I suffered terrible anxiety as a child, although I didn’t understand what anxiety was. After moving house for the third time and starting a new school again the anxiety was becoming so strong. I started to be sick in the morning, on an empty stomach before school. I had this physiological feeling of anxiety all the time. I just thought it was normal, that was how everybody else must feel. This continued until I was a young adult, occurring before interviews, flying on a plane or before presentations. The kind of situations where I would dread all eyes upon me… It was accompanied by diarrhoea and a dizzy feeling that I was going to faint. My legs would go like jelly on a plane. I would worry about fainting during a presentation. I used to blush when speaking in public. I had anticipation anxiety about certain events. I would be sick and run to the bathroom to expel every bodily fluid I had!! If only I had known about homeopathy at the time… I look back now and think I probably needed a bit of Arg-nit… a homeopathic remedy made from silver that is for people feeling terrible anticipation anxiety with diarrhoea… Fortunately these days I carry my remedies with me wherever I go. So if I need a dose or two – something is always on hand. As a 40 year old, I recently learnt how to drive and for the first time I got my license. Imagine it. Driving on a fast road, feeling like I’m going to faint from dread, with my 5 year old in the back…. did not bode well… so I took a few doses of Arg-nit on the way and soon I was driving fully confident….. listening to the radio and chatting away to my son in the back without the dreaded feeling that something bad was going to happen to us… it actually became quite enjoyable!

Anxiety, what is it, and how can Homeopathy help?

Anxiety can be described as persistent worrying thoughts, fears or phobias that continue regardless of the situation, that seem out of proportion to the reality of what is actually happening. Worrying about social situations, or environments that make a person feel threatened or uncomfortable. Leading to an avoidance of a place, person or thing, as the generated fear is much too great and the ability to function is greatly diminished. Feeling like we are losing control mentally and emotionally is a very scary place to be, especially when trying to appear capable, efficient and calm. Anxiety related compensatory behaviours are created to control the feeling of dread, terror and panic – trying to contain it within a manageable confined shape. Lack of sleep, poor appetite, nervous exhaustion, nausea, dizziness, restlessness, increased pulse, heart palpitations, and general malaise decrease quality of life. Eventually leading to depression and possibly medication to cope with daily activities.

Homeopathic remedies may help bring the body back into balance physically, mentally and emotionally. Reducing the feelings of fear, terror, panic, worry, and bringing a person back to feeling like themselves again.

So what to do if you have a child who has a sensitive nervous system? Reach for your homeopathic first aid kit, and to help you decide which remedy is right for your child read on…

Indications for Homeopathic remedies which may calm the nerves

  • Aconite: sudden onset, extreme terror, panic attacks and a general state of shock. This remedy is the main acute remedy for after an accident, or for post traumatic stress where there is a huge fear of death. The child will be worried about dying, or worried something bad is going to happen to them and be in a state of shock. This feeling may still exist since a previous traumatic incident, even from a long time ago. The child will be pale, wide eyed, with a frightened expression and have an anxious restlessness. Claustrophobia. There may be a sensation of pressure on the chest and fell like they have tight breathing like in a panic attack.

  • Ambra-grisea: Intensely shy in social situations, anxious, timid, easily embarrassed and blushes terribly. Suffers from a nervous sickness, confusion of mind and dizziness. Loses sleep from worrying, worse with strangers in the room and can be unsteady on their legs.

  • Arg-nit: for those who suffer terrible anticipation anxiety and feel hurried that there is not enough time to do everything. Exam stress. Worse from heat, crave sweets and salty flavours. Often they have diarrhoea, feel faint, with a specific or similar fear of tall buildings or trees falling on them. They imagine something awful is going to happen to them, such as what if that building fell on me, what if the car crashed, what if I cut myself, what if I fall down a cliff, the what if thoughts increase the anxious mind. Also a great remedy for performance anxiety when there is a loss of voice.

  • Arsenicum: this remedy is for very restless anxiety, they are worried about health, fear of germs, of death, neurotic, with a critical mind who likes to be neat and tidy. Because of this anxiety around safety and health they can appear quite controlling. They are chilly with burning pains, thirsty for sips of water and better for warmth.

  • Calc-carb: for children who love their home, security and routine but anything new creates anxiety. Stubborn, and stuck in their ways. Fear of change, of going to school, the dark, heights, insects and worried others will see their confusion of mind. Sweaty on the back of the head and tries to eat indigestible things like pencils, soil, and egg shells. Worse around the full moon.

  • Gelsemium: for those who go weak at the knees, tremble have wobbly legs, are worried about presentations, speaking in public, performing on stage, great for stage fright… and exam stress! Droopy, limp and paralyzed with fear. They can also get chills or flushed with heat but not very thirsty. They have a fear of doing something that will end in disaster. I like to think of this as the Mr Jelly remedy!

  • Kali-phos: a homeopathic mineral remedy which the body needs when the nervous system has been under extreme stress and feels exhausted. A great one for exam stress, nervous exhaustion, tired from worry, late nights, long days studying, hyperactive children with frayed nerves… this one calms and replenishes the nervous system. Oversensitive, overwhelmed, overtired and feel like they are having a nervous breakdown. An important remedy to combine with other acute remedies for anxiety, see this one as a homeopathic supplement for the nerves.

  • Lycopodium: for those kids who act bigger and braver than they actually feel, boasting, showing off, domineering but inside feel cowardly, weak in confidence, indecisive and inadequate. They often have digestive complaints such as bloating, burping, eating a little and becoming full quickly.

  • Phosphorous: these children are very sensitive, outgoing and friendly but are scared of loud noises like thunder, lightening, mechanical sounds and the dark. Because of their openness they are very sensitive to external impressions and even psychic energies. They are often prone to nosebleeds, lung conditions, and love chocolate milk and iced drinks.

  • Pulsatilla: these children are very clingy, they love company, and don’t like to be alone, not very thirsty and worse in a warm room. They prefer fresh air and being outdoors. Often they have loose stools and crave sweets, pastries and rich food which can make them worse. They get very anxious without their Mummy or Daddy around to hold their hand or have a cuddle. Fears being alone.

  • Silica: for very shy timid children, who are afraid to appear in public, lacking in confidence with a strong fear of failure, which can inhibit them from even trying. They are very sweaty all over, with sweaty feet, and chilly bodies. Great for growing teenagers with pimples, who feel insecure of their capabilities even though they are quite capable. They often have a strong phobia of pins, or needles which they avoid at all costs.

What other ways can I support my child with natural remedies?

Don’t forget Rescue Remedy, I always carry the spray in my handbag in case of a shock, accident, upset or stress. You can apply topically to bumps, bruises, strains and sprains, as long as its not an open wound. Spray in the mouth any time before an exam, an interview, flying on a plane and take frequently during a stressful event or time. Rescue Remedy is made with Bach Flower essences and they are supportive for shock, trauma, upset emotions or physical injury and very complementary with homeopathic remedies.

You can also help support the nervous system with B Vitamins to nourish the nerves, increase stamina, reduce stress, improve memory and brain function. Vitamin C and Magnesium are important nutrients for the adrenals, which get a battering when we are under stress. Schuessler Tissue Salts are made from minerals and are very well absorbed and easy to take. Kali-phos, and Mag-phos are vital for an exhausted nervous system and help with feelings of overwhelm, tension and fatigue. Avoiding too much sugar, preservatives, processed food, MSG and food colourings is recommended. Meditation, yoga, painting, singing, laughing, doing things you love and being in good company are of course essential!

Combining homeopathic remedies and supplements with a healthy diet, fresh air, purified water and daily exercise are all wonderful ways to support yourself, your child and the whole family.

*If your child or yourself need a more in depth consultation for chronic anxiety or stress please contact a qualified homeopath for a more individualised approach.

*The homeopathic remedies suggested are for acute anxiety only and simple home use for yourself and family. If the anxiety becomes more severe or unmanageable please contact your medical health practitioner.

* There is a widespread use of homeopathy for children and teenagers with anxiety especially in India , in USAand in Germany.

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